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We believe education is where it all starts. Through comprehensive solutions we develop a plan of action for every area of our college to maximize their effectiveness and expand their outcomes while saving them time and resources.

Our Events

Each event through Sustainability is dynamic and interactive, allowing participants to experience the principles of Sustainability in fun and applicable ways.

Conservation Fair

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Creek Cleanup

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Trash Art Competition

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Choose to Reuse Facts

Delve into the numbers and the facts about water usage on our campuses.

Hover your mouse or swipe your finger to discover interesting facts for each statistic below.


¹ Average volume of a water bottle:

² Average cost per gallon of bottled water:

³ Percentage of people using reusable water bottles:


PPCC Ban on Disposable Plastic Bottles

Did You Know?

The Governor of Colorado signed Executive Order D2010-006 on Earth Day that says: "State agencies should avoid purchases of bottled water except in these situations: Where water supply is unavailable; bottled water is needed to protect safety and health; and for use in emergencies." As of April 27,2010, PPCC has advised its end users not to purchase bottled water using college funds.

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