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Mountain Metro Transit's College Pass Program

What is it? 

Students have unlimited access to the Mountain Metro Transit bus system with a swipe of their Student ID Card at the fare boxes. 

How much does it cost?

Students pay a Bus Pass Fee of $10 per semester as part of their tuition and fees. $5 pays for basic service, and $5 supports Bus Route #40. 

When can I use the service?

Students can ride on Mountain Metro Transit buses year-round for both college and non-college related travel. Bus service on Route 40 is limited to the fall and spring semesters. 

How do I ride?

Students can plan their trips using the smartphone application Google Maps. You can also visit Student Life to pick up pocket maps and route brochures. For new riders, visit Mountain Metro Transit's How to Ride webpage.  

What is changing to Bus Route #40?

Bus Route #40 travels between the Voyager Transfer Station (VTC), Rampart Range Campus (RRC), and the Center for Healthcare Education and Simulation (CHES). 

Fall Semester of 2020

Mountain Metro Transit and Pikes Peak Community College agreed to postponed service on Bus Route #40 until Spring Semester 2021. These changes are due to the Covid-19 pandemic, support other high ridership routes, and a switch to remote learning for many classes. As a result, students were charged $5, instead of $10, for the Bus Pass Fee.

Spring Semester of 2021

Mountain Metro Transit is expanding Bus Route 40 to serve the Center for Healthcare Education & Simulation (CHES) at 1850 Cypress Semi Drive, Colorado Springs, CO. 

Weekday service on Bus Route 40 will reduce to 10.5 hours. The route will now operate Monday-Friday from 7:34 AM to 5:28 PM. Here are the approximate travel times for two different trips.

  • From RRC to CHES (one-way): 7 minutes
  • From VTC to RRC (one-way): 9 minutes

Can I bring my bicycle on the bus?

Mountain Metro Transit buses can accommodate up to two bicycles. If the bike rack is full, please wait for the next bus. 

How did this program come about?

Students overwhelmingly voted to approve the Bus Pass Fee during the Student Government Association 2018 Elections. 

The Office of Sustainability championed this program after hearing from students about the financial burden of paying $63 for a 31-day bus ticket. The Office negotiated with PPCC leadership and Mountain Metro Transit for four years to provide this vital service for students.     

Why Should I Take the Bus?


Students pay $10 per semester compared to $63 for a 31-Day pass. 


The College Bus Pass Program provides some of PPCC's most financially insecure students access to reliable transportation. 


Reduce your carbon footprint. 


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