The Office of Sustainability teaches students the importance of reducing their resource footprint while saving money and improving quality of life. The Sustainability Coordinator leverages community resources to engage students through educational activities and building efficiency programs. This Office is supported by the Green Campus Fee.

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Centennial Campus Courtyard Tree Removal

PPCC is removing six Canadian Red Chokecherry trees from the Centennial Campus Courtyard between the A and B Buildings. This tree is a non-fruit bearing ornamental tree that has a tendency to produce suckers that can make it extremely difficult to maintain the landscaping islands. The Office of Sustainability removed one of these trees from the Sustainability Garden and it enabled them to greatly spruce up the area.

Also, PPCC is removing one Russian Olive tree that is precariously planted near the walkway on the landscaping island to the West of the Sustainability Garden. These trees are considered invasive and steal a great deal of water from nearby plants.

Check out these websites for more information on the trees.

PPCC will continue to make improvements to the Centennial Campus Courtyard to encourage everyone to enjoy the outdoors.


Saved Over 800,000 Water Bottles

Join many students, staff, and faculty who collectively diverted over 800,000 disposable water bottles from the landfill through bringing their reusable bottles.

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Sustainability Coordinator:

Konrad Schlarbaum

Office: Centennial Campus: Student Life

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Email: Sustainability@ppcc.edu

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Phone: (719) 502-2342