Why You Make All the Difference

Your education is more than a few words on a page someone gives you at the end of your time in school. It's an opportunity to fan into flame your passions and talents that not only redirect your life's trajectory, but inspire so many around you to rise up to do the same!

. . .

Our world needs us! Let's change it together!


What's the Problem?

Our land and resources are becoming a well-used commodity, and if we don't put some forethought into how this might affect our tomorrow, our tomorrow may just end up in our landfills, just like everything else...

What Part PPCC Plays

Not only are we taking names here at Office of Sustainability, but all throughout PPCC there are amazing opportunities for friendship, devolopment of your passions, and financial benifits that connect us as a community and unit us under one banner!

What are your ideas? Let us know below!