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COVID19 Response Updated 7/13/2020:

The Centennial Campus Testing Center will begin offering DSST testing on July 20th by appointment only. Testers should schedule their appointment online through eSARS. Social distancing will be practiced in the Testing Center and so only a small number of appointments are available. Testers will be required to wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth. Lockers will not be provided, so testers should only bring their photo ID and form of payment for the proctor and test fee. DANTES funding eligible military test takers must provide a valid Common Access Card (CAC) for the proctor and test fees to be waived.

If you are trying to schedule a DSST Public Speaking exam please email

DSST Subject Standardized Tests


DSSTs provide a chance for students to earn college credit for what they have learned in non-traditional ways. The exams are internet-based and composed of multiple choice questions. Many of the exams can be completed within two hours. There are no scheduled breaks. Calculator is available online for some exams.

Testers receive immediate score results in all of the exams except for Public Speaking. 

PPCC is DANTES Fully-Funded test site. Any person requesting testing can be served. Students may send their score transcript to any institution that accepts DSST credit.

DSST exam fee is $85.00. There is a proctor fee of $25 payable to Pikes Peak Community College for all testers except those who are DANTES funding eligible

Check our testing matrix to find out what college credits you could earn at PPCC.


DSST and the Military

DSST exams and the proctor fee are waived for eligible military services members, spouses, and civil services employees. For more information about who is DANTES-eligible visit (link to DSST DANTES funding)

Note: DANTES does not pay the exam fee or proctor fee for a previously funded DSST exam. Military who want to retake an exam previously funded by DANTES must wait 30 days and pay $85 DSST exam fee as well as the $25 proctor fee.


Why take DSST exams?

  • Reach your career goals. Use DSSTs to help you earn your degree, get a promotion, or simply demonstrate you have college level knowledge in subjects relevant to your work.
  • Improve your chances for college admission. Each college has its own admission policies. However, having a passing score for DSSTs on your transcript can provide strong evidence of how well you can perform at college level.
  • Gain confidence performing at college level. DSSTs can show you how successfully you can compete in the college environment because your performance is compared with the performance of college students.
  • Make up for courses you may have missed. You may be ready to graduate from college and find you are a few credits short of earning your degree. You can take one or more DSSTs and graduate on time.


Registration Process:

  1. Choose the right DSST test for you. Speak with your advisor if you have questions.
  2. Find the institution code where you would like your scores sent at If no institution code is entered at the time of testing, a $30 transcript fee will be required.
  3. Schedule your exam online with PPCC
  4. Arrive at the Test Center 15 minutes before your appointment for check-in.
  5. Bring a valid government issued ID. DANTES funded eligible military test takers must provide a valid Common Access Card (CAC).
  6. Bring a credit card to make payment to DSST for the test. Each test costs $85.

Accommodations are available for candidates with proper documentation. If you need more information contact DSST at 800-967-1139.


Requesting a DSST transcript:

Information to request a transcript can be found on the DSST web site. Additional information is located in the Candidates Information Bulletin booklet available at the Testing Center

Test Prep:

For more detailed information about the exams and their content areas, please visit In addition to the DSST Fact Sheets, DSST now offers practice tests that can be completed online. For practice tests, Candidate Bulletins, fact sheets and study materials, please go to Test Prep. They also have a FREE study app for your Android or Apple phone.'s comprehensive DSST exam prep guide with free practice tests,video lessons, and supplemental flashcards.