DSST Subject Standardized Tests

Designed originally for the military, DSSTs (DANTES Subject Standardized Tests) are available to civilian students and adult learners as well. DSSTs provide an opportunity for people to obtain college credit for what they have learned in non-traditional ways. The DSST Program is made available by Prometric and is used by adult education programs, the United States Department of Defense and two- and four-year colleges.

Online scheduling

For your convenience, schedule up to 24 hours before your preferred testing date (pending available appointments). Schedule your appointment now. We test Mondays and Wednesdays at Centennial (south campus).

PPCC is an open DSST exam site. Any person requesting testing can be served. Students may send their scores to any institution that accepts DSST credit.

Why take DSST exams?

  • Reach your career goals. Use DSSTs to help you earn your degree, get a promotion, or simply demonstrate you have college level knowledge in subjects relevant to your work.
  • Improve your chances for college admission. Each college has its own admission policies; however, having a passing score for DSSTs on your transcript can provide strong evidence of how well you can perform at college level.
  • Gain confidence performing at college level. DSSTs can show you how successfully you can compete in the college environment because your performance is compared with the performance of college students.
  • Make up for courses you may have missed. You may be ready to graduate from college and find you are a few credits short of earning your degree. You can take one or more DSSTs and graduate on time.

Description of the Exams:

All DSST exams are Internet-bases, composed of multiple choice and essay questions. Many of the exams, can be completed within two hours. Calculators are available online. Students receive immediate results on all of the exams except Public Speaking.

For more detailed information about the exams and their content areas, please visit getcollegecredit.com. In addition to the DSST Fact Sheets, DSST now offers practice tests that can be completed online.

Registration Procedure:

  • Visit Flash Appointments to schedule a DSST testing appointment. We test at our south Centennial Campus on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • Arrive at campus at least 15 minutes early and stop at the cashier to pay the $25 proctor fee. Active Duty Military (not their families) is NOT required to pay the proctor fee.
  • Check in at the Testing Center with a valid photo ID.
  • Bring a credit card to make payment to DSST for the test. Each test costs $85.

Test Prep:

For practice tests, Candidate Bulletins, fact sheets and study materials, please go to http://getcollegecredit.com/testprep.html.

They also have a FREE study app for you Android or Apple phone:

Requesting a DSST transcript:

Information to request a transcript can be found on the DSST web site . Additional information is located in the Candidates Information Bulletin booklet available at the Testing Center