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The Testing Center can  serve as an alternate facility to proctor make-up exams for students with extenuating circumstances, such as illness or family emergencies, that prohibit them from taking an exam during their scheduled class time. Make up exams are given at no-charge for registered Pikes Peak Community College students. Exams are administered during normal Testing Center hours.

Information for Students

Please do not come to the Testing Center if you are sick. If Testing Center staff get sick due to sick students coming for make-up tests we will not be able to offer our vital services to PPCC and the community.

  • If you miss an exam due to an extenuating circumstance, such as illness or family emergency, contact your instructor to see if they will allow you to complete a make-up exam.
  • Masks are required on campus and in the Testing Center, student who do not comply with mask regulations will not be admitted to test.
  • All Students must show a valid, unexpired photo ID before taking a test in the Testing Center. A photo of an ID will not be accepted.
  • Electronics are not allowed.
  • If your exam requires a Scantron. Bring a completely blank scantron to the Testing Center.
  • You may not leave the testing room for any reason once the testing material have been issued. No bathroom breaks are permitted.
  • Children are not permitted in the testing room.
  • Testing is done by appointment only. We will need to know your name, S#, instructors name, test, and test time limit.
    • To schedule a make-up test at the Centennial Campus, please call 719-502-3370.
    • To schedule a make-up test at the Rampart Range Campus, please call 719-502-3380.
  • Tests are collected 15 minutes prior to closing
  • Students with approved testing accommodations should visit Accessibility Servicesfor testing information. 
  • All testers must agree to Testing Agreement.

Information for Instructors

Please be flexible with make-up testing deadlines for students so as to not send a sick student to the Testing Center. If Testing Center staff get sick due to sick students coming for make-up tests we will not be able to offer our vital services to PPCC and the community.

  • Instructors must fill out an academic Make-Up Testing Instruction Form available in the Testing Center at Centennial and Rampart Range campuses.
  • Half sheets must be completely filled out and attached to each test.
  • Instructors will need to hand carry (preferred) or send test through campus mail to the appropriate Testing Center campus. Test will be logged in upon receipt.
  • Due to limited seating, the Testing center cannot accommodate testing for entire classes.
  • Electronics are not allowed in the testing room. Besides a calculator if permitted.
  • Tests that are beyond the deadline date will not be given without prior approval from the instructor. Instructors can extend deadlines by emailing
  • To Submit an exam for a student with accommodations follow Accessibility Services guidelines.

Testing Center Mission Statement

The Testing Center is committed to providing exceptional, accessible, and comprehensive testing services for Pikes Peak Community College and the surrounding community. All tests are administered under standardized conditions that are efficient, fair, and secure. We maintain and adhere to all standards set forth in the National College Testing Association’s Professional Standards & Guidelines.