Make-Up Testing

  1. Instructor fills out Academic Make-Up Testing Instructor Form available in the Testing Center at all campuses) half-sheet completely and attaches to each test. Make-Up Test Instructions sheets are available for copying.
  2. Instructor hand carries (preferred) or sends test through campus mail to the appropriate campus Testing Center. Tests will be logged in upon receipt. The student should call or stop by the Testing Center for the make-up hours and to be sure that the Testing Center has received his/her test.
  3. Students will need to provide valid picture identification when taking a test. Note that electronics are not allowed in the testing room.
  4. Tests that are beyond the deadline date will not be given without prior approval from the instructor.Instructors can extend deadlines by emailing

Please remember make-up testing is for individual students. We are unable to accommodate groups or classes. Please review the Testing Center Agreement before coming in.