Fill out this form if you have completed High School within the last 2 years

If you have an exemption listed below, you do not need to fill out this form. See the ** below on how to submit your exemptions without having to come into the Testing Center. If you recently, (within the last two years) graduated from High school then fill out this form. We will assess your answers and let you know if you qualify for the HS GPA exemption.

Other Exemptions include:

You have qualifying ACT or SAT scores (less than five years old). ACT (Eng 18, Read 17, Math 23) / SAT (Verb 470, Math 500) scores.

You have successfully completed previous college-level Math and/or English with a C or better.

You have a GED score of 165 or higher completed after 1/01/2014.

You have qualifying HiSET scores of 15 or higher in math and/or Language Arts subtests.

You have qualifying TASC scores (Read 580, Math 560, Write 560 w/Essay 6)

You have earned an Associate's Degree (AA or AS) or higher.

You are over 20 years old and taking one course (that is not English or math) for personal interest or job enhancement

** All unofficial transcripts can be faxed (719-502-3499) or uploaded and emailed to our TestingCenter email. MAKE SURE you include your PPCC Student S# on all correspondence. You may also bring the documentation to one of our testing centers. College courses must be from regionally accredited colleges or universities or other approved educational institutions.