Why Placement?

In Colorado you must meet the academic prerequisites to enroll directly into college-level Math and English courses. Whether you are a recent high school graduate, are transferring from another college, or are going to college for the first time, understanding your academic history will help us place you into the right classes so you can be successful at PPCC.

Placement Options:

Depending on individual situation and preference you may utilize any of the following three options for placement purposes. For example, you may place into college level English based on transcript records, but may choose to take the Math placement assessment test to determine Math placement.

Submit transcripts or test scores

If you meet one or more of the exemptions below, you may submit support documentation online or in person.

In addition to the online form linked below, you may also bring your supporting documentation (unofficial transcripts are ok for this purpose) into any testing center or scan and email them to testing.center@ppcc.edu.

Please allow 72 hrs for the documentation to be processed and the exemption applied.

Submit Documentation Online

Opt-In to Preparatory Classes

If you cannot provide documentation to show you meet the prerequisites to enroll directly into college level coursework and you do not wish to take a placement assessment, you may choose to enroll directly into the college preparatory classes.

By opting into the class you would start in preparatory Math and preparatory English classes.

We recommend meeting with an Academic Advisor to discuss the pros and cons of opting into the college prepatory classes as it could prolong the time it takes to earn a degree.

Opt-into College prep class.

Take the Placement Assessment

In Colorado you must meet the academic prerequisites to enroll directly into college-level Math and English courses. Take the Community College Placement Test (CCPT) assessment to see how prepared you are for college-level classes. It is designed to only be taken once so we advise students to review English, Math, and Reading with materials available in the Library before taking the assessment. A list of websites is also available at any Testing Center and our webpage. You may also choose to go to the Learning Assistance Center at Centennial Campus or the Library at either The Downtown Studio or Rampart Range Campus to prepare for the assessment.

Once you are ready, call and schedule an appointment to test. We have a limited walk-in seating but you may have to wait without an appointment. Scheduling an appointment assures you will be able to take the assessment when you come in. Plan to spend 1.5 to 2 hours for each assessment (Math and English). If you have graduated from High School with-in the last two years fill out the High School Exemption form to see if you are exempt from taking the CCPT based on your High school grades.

High School Exemption questionaire

Take the CCPT Online

If you are unable to come in to one of our Testing Centers to take the CCPT you may be able to take the assessment from your home using the remote proctor service ProctorU.*

ProctorU Checklist
See if you have the required equipment to use the ProctorU service.

Schedule Your Session with ProcturU

* This service is provided as a convenience and the proctor fee is paid directly to ProctorU. There is no charge for the CCPT and no fee if you take the CCPT at one of our testing centers.