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Do you need to take the placement test?

No! Most students are not required to take the placement test to enroll in classes. At Pikes Peak Community College there are many ways to show us you are ready to take classes. Whether you are a recent high school graduate, are transferring from another college, or are going to college for the first time, you have options! Understanding your placement options will help you get into the right classes so you can be successful at PPCC.

COVID19 Response Updated 6/2/2020:

All PPCC Testing Centers will remain closed until further notice. It is likely that the Testing Centers will remain closed until classes resume face to face on campus. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes, but appreciate your help to keep our students, staff, faculty, and community healthy.

Are you considering using your veterans education benefits to pay for a college prep course (below the 100 course level) this fall 2020 semester?

Pikes Peak Community College has confirmed with the Department of Veterans Affairs that a placement test is required in order to justify taking a college prep math or English course. No other form of justification is acceptable. VA will not pay for these courses without a placement test score on file.

​What does this mean for you?

​You must take EdReady or the Accuplacer test (when available) to determine if you need to take a college prep course for math or English. An EdReady score below 90 can be used to justify your enrollment in a college prep course.

While the PPCC Testing Center is unable to administer Accuplacer on campus due to precautions regarding COVID19, PPCC has approved the use of EdReady as a placement option.

To take advantage of this option, students will need to:

  1. Create an account in PPCC's EdReady Platform:
    • Students should use their PPCC assigned student email if they have one. If you do not have a PPCC email, you should use the email you included in your PPCC application. 
  2. Enter the Goal Key for the course you are trying to place into:
    • ENG 121 or ENG 131: ppccenglishprep
    • MAT 103: PPCC_103 
    • MAT 107: PPCC_107
    • MAT 112: PPCC_112
    • MAT 120: PPCC_120
    • MAT 121: PPCC_121
    • MAT 122 OR MAT 166: PPCC_122166
    • MAT 125: PPCC_125
    • MAT 135: PPCC_135
    • MAT 155 or MAT 156: PPCC_155156
    • All Goal Keys can be found on the Learning Commons webpage.
  3. Complete the diagnostic test and work through lessons to earn a score of 90 or higher. If you are using veterans education benefits and plan to enroll in developmental courses, you may send your score report with a score below 90.
  4. Once you earn a score of 90 or higher, or any score for veterans education benefits users, you must export your results directly to the Testing Center:
    • Go to "My Account"
    • Under "Student data export" select "Download Your Data"
    • In the textbox, send a copy directly to the Testing Center: 
  5. The Testing Center will let you know when your scores have been entered on your student record.

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