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Student Video Resources

Use these "How-To" video guides to learn how to register, schedule an advising appointment, access your PPCC Portal, and more!

Video Resources

Registration, Advising, and Navigate

Accessing Navigate in your PPCC Portal:

It’s essential that students understand how to access Navigate within their PPCC portal. Learn how!

Scheduling an Appointment with an Advisor in Navigate:

Students should meet with their academic advisor regularly - especially when selecting and registering for classes. Your advisor can help make sure you graduate on time with the credits you need for your degree.

Using Navigate's Planner Tool:

Learn how to use Navigate’s Planner tool to plan your course sequence so you graduate on time. 

Registering for Classes in Navigate - Easy as 1-2-3:

Registering for classes is easy with Navigate. This step-by-step guide walks you through the entire process.


Free Textbook Program

How to Receive FREE Required Texbooks for Classes

For the Spring and Summer 2022 semesters, PPCC students can receive their courses' required textbooks for free through the campus Barnes and Noble bookstore (Centennial and Rampart). This video covers the important details and shows you how to start the process!


General Tech Tips

Accessing Your Student Email from within the PPCC Portal:

It is important that you check your PPCC student email regularly - at least one a day. It is the official communication method for the college.  This step-by-step video guide will show you how to access your student email account within your PPCC portal.

Accessing D2L Within Your PPCC Portal:

D2L - your “virtual classroom” for PPCC courses - can be accessed via your PPCC portal account. Learn how!

Paying Your Bill Within the PPCC Portal:

You can view your account balance, and make payments 24/7 within your PPCC Portal

How To Access Your Student Email Account

This step-by-step video guide will show you how to access your student email account within your PPCC portal. Check your email daily!

Learn How to Access Your Student Email

How-To Register for Classes Online

Learn How

Check back for more videos soon!