Student Ambassadors are enthusiastic individuals who provide quality customer service to prospective students and their families.

Meet the Student Ambassadors



Jordan Wright, Lead Student Ambassador
Hometown: Aurora, Colorado

Studying: Pre-Law

Favorite restaurant in Colorado Springs: Cheddar's

What have you enjoyed most about PPCC so far?
So far, I have most enjoyed the professional networks I've been able to establish.

Trene Duran Trene Duran
Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Studying: Radiology Technology

Favorite vacation spot: Definitely San Francisco. I try and go there every summer. It never gets boring to me!

What have you enjoyed most about PPCC so far? I have enjoyed the dedication and care PPCC has given to its students. It is nice to come into school everyday and have the staff and students help when you need it.
Allyson-Hernandez-forweb2019.png Allyson Hernandez
Hometown: Corona, California

Studying: Psychology, but also interested in sociology, culture and religion

Favorite hobby: I love art and my favorite activity is drawing.

What do you love most about PPCC? I love all of the different kinds of people at PPCC. I've had so many interestng professors, and I have met so many amazing students that are passionate about their futures.
Kelsey-Lippincott-forweb2019.png Kelsey Lippincott
Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Studying: Architectural Engineer/Technician

Favorite hobby: I am a competitive Irish dancer. I love dancing and singing!

What do you love most about PPCC? I love the community we have and how there are so many opportunities for being part of the school.
  Dwaniceann Magraff
Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado though I was born in Los Angeles

Studying: Graphic Design

Favorite hobby: I love drawing, listening to music music, reading and writing. I'd like to make my own stories someday! 

What do you love most about PPCC? I love the community of students and faculty. I came to PPCC in hopes of avoiding the pressure of a bigger school due to my introversion. I was able to make friends in no time and get to know my teachers very well!

Student Ambassador Application

We are currently not hiring. Check back in August 2019!

In your cover letter, address the following topics/questions:

  1. What makes you a great choice to be a PPCC Student Ambassador?
  2. What is your involvement in academic and extracurricular activities?
  3. Provide a statement about why you believe education is important.

On your resume, the following must be included:

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. PPCC Student Number (S#)

Become a Student Ambassador!

Job Description
Student Ambassadors are enthusiastic individuals who provide quality customer service to prospective students and their families through campus visits and tours, information sessions, off-campus event/outreach support, open houses, enrollment/registration assistance, and high school visits. Student Ambassadors serve as a first point of contact for the college, and respond to questions. The Student Ambassadors are also responsible for assisting the Admissions and Recruitment Department with maintaining a database of prospective students and making outbound phone calls to current and future students.

Student Ambassadors are energetic students with excellent communication and leadership skills who are excited about what PPCC has to offer students and the community.

General Student Ambassador Duties

  • Welcome students to PPCC.
  • Provide campus presentation and tour to prospective students.
  • Participate in trainings, staff meetings, and weekly office hours.
  • Represent PPCC at on and off campus recruitment events such as application days, high school visits, and registration events.
  • Develop relationships within the community that encourage students to attend PPCC.
  • Assist with phone calls and helping students waiting in line.
  • Assist students who are working on student use computers in the Enrollment Services Center.
  • Work on and complete additional projects as assigned during office hours.
  • Check and respond to all communication (i.e. emails, text messages, phone calls, etc.) in a timely manner.
  • Create and develop innovative ideas for recruitment.
  • Be respectful of the diversity of the people we work with and create an environment in which all people can feel comfortable and accepted.
  • Assist Recruiters in preparing for group tours, events, and meetings.

Job Requirements
In order to qualify for this position you must have been a student at PPCC for at least one semester and meet the requirements for the Student Ambassador I position as follows:

  • Applicants must be in good academic standing (minimum 2.5 GPA) and enrolled in 6 or more credit hours for the Spring 2019 and upcoming Fall 2019 semester.
  • An ability to effectively communicate information regarding PPCC to a variety of groups or individuals: prospective students, parents, faculty, staff and current PPCC students.
  • A genuine enthusiasm and an understanding and appreciation of the mission and goals of PPCC.
  • A willingness to learn and be flexible.
  • Exceptional customer service skills.
  • Experience with Microsoft Office products and general computer skills are required.
  • Must be reliable, have a strong work ethic, and a positive attitude.
  • Successful candidates should be able to work 15 – 20 hours each week.
  • Student Ambassadors must be available to work special events occasionally held in the evening or on a weekend.
  • Ability to work at all campus locations.

Skills You Will Gain/Enhance
The Student Ambassador position provides many opportunities for personal and professional growth in areas such as: customer service; communication and public speaking; how to work with diverse populations of people and people in authority positions; social networking; and how to lead groups of people.

The position also provides an opportunity to learn about the higher education process behind the scenes and opportunities to attend events in the community. Professional development opportunities are provided for students whenever possible.

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Admissions & Recruitment

Position Title:
Student Ambassador (Level 1)

Position Type:
Both student hourly & work study

Centennial Campus
Rampart Range Campus
Downtown Studio Campus


Bi-monthly (Fridays)

15-20 hours/week
Depends on need and availability

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