What is a waitlist?

  • It is a numbered list that operates on a first come, first served basis when course registration has reached capacity.
  • There is no guarantee a student will gain admittance to a class for which they have been waitlisted.

Which classes have a waitlist?

  • All classes except for online courses and open learning courses will have a waitlist.

What are the limitations of using the waitlist?

  • Students can only waitlist for ONE section of a course.
    • Example: Students cannot waitlist for ENG 121-100 and ENG 121-1N1 during the same term.
  • Students cannot register for a course and waitlist for another section of the same course.
    • Example: Students cannot register for ENG 121-100 and waitlist for ENG 121-1N1 during the same term.
  • A student’s schedule may not exceed 18 credit hours, including both the waitlisted and enrolled courses combined. Students who wish to exceed 18 credit hours must meet with Career Planning and Advising for written approval.

What happens when a space becomes available?

  • The waitlist will record the time and date each student placed his/her name on the waitlist and students will be notified via e-mail of open spaces in that order.
  • If space becomes available, students will be given the opportunity to register themselves in the course. Notification of this opening will be sent to the student’s official college email account (not the student’s personal email). Students should monitor their PPCC email account DAILY.
  • Students will have 48 hours to register for the waitlisted course before the system moves to the next student.
  • If a student does not register for the waitlisted course within the 48-hour window, he/she will lose their spot on the waitlist and the next student on the waitlist will receive a notification email.

How late can I waitlist for a course?

  • You can waitlist for courses through the student portal until 5 p.m. the Wednesday prior to the full term start date.
    • Example: The first day of Summer 2013 full term is May 28, 2013, so you may waitlist for courses until 5 p.m. on May 22.
    • Example: The first day of Fall 2013 full term is August 26, 2013, so you may waitlist for course until 5 p.m. on August 21.
    • For subsequent term information please contact Enrollment Services at 502-2000 or see class schedule online at www.ppcc.edu.

What is the last day I will be notified about an opening?

  • Notifications for openings will continue until 5:00 p.m. the last day to register. However, you will only have until 11:59 p.m. on the last date of registration to add yourself to the course.
    • Example: The last day to register for the Summer 2013 full term is May 24, 2013. If you receive notification of an opening on May 23, you have until 11:59 p.m. on May 24th to add the class to your schedule.

How can I check my status on the waitlist?

  • You will be able to view your position in a waitlisted course through your PPCC student portal.
    • Click the “Student” tab.
    • In the box that says,My Student Information,” click theWaitlist Status” link.

What should I do on the first day of classes?

  • Go to class!
  • Bring an Add/Drop form with you. This form can be picked up at Enrollment Services or CP&A.
  • If the instructor permits you to join the course, do the following:
    • Secure the instructor’s signature on an Add/Drop form.
    • Submit the signed form to Enrollment Services before the next class session meets.
      • Example: For a 5 p.m. Tuesday/Thursday class:
        • Waitlisted student attends the Tuesday session and gets the Add/Drop form signed by the instructor.
        • The student submits the signed form to Enrollment Services before attending the Thursday session.

What if I don’t get into a class for which I am waitlisted?

  • You have the following options:
    • Attend the first day of class to see if the instructor will add you to their class.
    • Drop yourself from the waitlist and find another class to take that has spaces available.
    • Take the class another term.

What should I do to make the waitlist work for me?

  • Check your PPCC student email regularly!
  • Make sure there are no holds on your account.
  • Check your schedule often so you know your position on the waitlist.
  • Be prepared to make alternate plans if you are unable to get into the waitlisted course.


  • There is no guarantee a student will gain admittance to a class for which they have been waitlisted.
  • Students are responsible for monitoring their PPCC e-mail account, registering themselves within the given window of time, and paying any additional tuition and fees by the payment deadline.

How To Get On the Waitlist:

1. Log onto your student portal.
a. Click on the “Student” tab.
b. Click on “Add/Drop Courses” under Registration Tools.
c. Select Term.
d. Enter Course Registration Number and click “Submit Changes.”
e. If the course is full, the following screen will appear (see below).


2. Select “Wait Listed” on the drop down menu.
3. You MUST click on “Submit Changes” again.


4. If completed correctly, the following screen will appear.