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Our classes will teach you new skills, advance your career, and expand your opportunities!

What can you learn

Earn, develop and invest:

  • Earn a professional certificate in current growth industries

  • Develop knowledge you need in your current position or a new one

  • Invest in your business through focused workshops

What people are saying

"Well worth the money. Great for anyone starting out in business."
-- Lean Startup student
"I got my money's worth and more than what I expected."
-- New Visions student
"Absolutely fantastic: extremely knowledgeable, helpful, love this class."
-- Gathering Family Documents student

Why our learners keep coming back

  • Quality Instructors - Who are PPCC faculty or community experts.

  • Convenient Times - Held mostly in the evenings or on weekends, or complete flexibility online.

  • PPCC Locations - On any one of our campuses, where parking is free.

Browse and Register Online

Browse & Register

Other Ways to Register:


  1. 719-502-2404;
  2. Give the class name from our listing;
  3. Your credit or debit card number and expiration date for the cashier.
  1. Fill out a registration form;
  2. Make check payable to PPCC. Write name of person enrolling and class name on the check;
  3. Send to PPCC Workforce Development, 5675 South Academy Blvd, Box C-14, Colorado Springs, CO 80906.

In Person:

  1. Visit us on the Centennial Campus at 5675 South Academy Blvd., Room A-223;
  2. A representative will help you register and pay, by cash, check, or a credit card.

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